Sunday we started with a quick breakfast accross the campground in Packwood.
We had a scenic day trip planned around Mount Rainier, via forest road 52 up to the national park entrance and from there up to Paradise, and then around to the east side to ride up to Sunrise at more than 6000 foot elevation.

We managed to get a group discount at the park entrance, $5 each instead of the typical $15 (vehicle and driver) After all we are Dutch and always look for a discount..

The goal fort the day was to be at Arnoud and Kathy’s wedding around 2 pm, where our families were going to meet us as well, we arrived a little late because of campground issues, but it turned out to be a great party.

Monday, we had breakfast at a Starbucks in Enumclaw.
We had to drive approx 75 miles over Hwy 410 to get to an intersection at Nile. The plan was to drive the alternate route over Devils canyon first North to South and pick up the route #2 at the intersection at Bethel Ridge to go back up North again at the difficult section. Turned out to become an interesting 🙂 day.

Riding the Big Bikes thru mud, sand and rocks became a heavy task, even the most experienced rider had his share with a close look at the rocks 🙂

Wietze showed unexpected riding skills and made it thru very well.

Cleman mountain was a great experience riding al the way over the top of the ridge after that down again into Evans canyon to the valley over another rocky road.

We ended up at the campground in Ellensburg.


1 bag of ice for Fred’s foot as it was a little swolen.

Jesper went to Urgent Care to take a look at his thumb and arm, turned out to be blood poison,
nothing major. He had to convince the doctor to let him go though and check in again today. Jesper had the solution already in his head; some drugs and a couple cold ones would solve the issue.

Wiel and Wietze got supplies in Ellensburg for the fire pit, baked potatoes, sausages, rolls and salad, oh and plenty cold ones….

Wietze made a campfire and started cooking, he was wondering why the sausages didn’t get done! (for that you have to remove the plastic first, 20 pcs only 🙂 )

So far, life is good…, on the road again.



Today we did Kickstands up at 7am, after crossing “The bridge of the Gods” Cascade locks, we tried to fuel up and find breakfast at the Windy Ridge restaurant, however still closed at that time of the day and made us turnaround back to Stevenson to find food since we wouldn’t find anything else during the day.

We started the first leg of the WABDR today, Stevenson to Packwood, approx 112 miles, mainly off-road on gravel and forest roads. We runned into a group of guys on GS800’s and a KTM, returning from Canada on their last day of the entire trip. They went North to South and were heading back to the Tri-cities. We got some tips from them to avoid a certain strech today what was still covered by snow and showed us a good workaround.

We did a visit to the Ice caves, discovered in 1853 by Captain George McClellan and his expedition.

At the workaround We runned into a long time friend of Ronald and Wiel at Adams Creek, “Bratwurst Bill” from Seattle on his his TM200 with tractor tires 🙂 in the middle of nowhere..

During the day at 4000 Feet elevation, North side of mount Adams, we did a D-tour to Walupi Lake where we took another refressing dive into the &$@&$&)$$)@& cold water.

We arrived in Packwood on Hwy 12 around 5pm where we set up camp at the RV park. Beer pub around to corner to wash away the dust from the day, dusty it was.

Another friend of us, Oscar from Seattle with a couple off-road riders showed up as well later this evening and setup their tent as well with us, had to make an emergency beer run to the local store to share the stories around the camp fire. All in all, it was a great day, more tomorrow…

Today, we left from our campground in Cascade Locks, Oregon towards Hood River for breakfast.
Then we crossed the Columbia river into Washington State to find the Rattle Snake trail.
It turned out to be a good day with a great variety of riding trails, logging roads and sandy areas.
We even found a nice “freezing” cold river to take a refressing dip.

I just upload a group of pictures as my blog has some serious issues between Mr Apple and Mr Microsoft this evening. Tomorrow we start the actual Discoveryride from Steveson for the first sector. Will keep you posted.

Oh, and Wietze showed up in one piece today after a 1000 + miles trip from CA.

We, Wiel, Ronald, Fred, Jesper (Danish for Jasper) met this morning at 7 am at the Starbucks in Renton, Jesper 2 minutes late, but quickly forgiven, made him pay for dinner today 🙂

We than drove South towards Morton where we fueled up, got some snack bars and robbed the ATM machine for the needed cash.

PPPPPP Perfect Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance

Road Closed signs can be ignored as they have no value for us. WADOT put these signs up just for fun.

Where did Fred go?


Guys, I almost lost it here, I had to take a shot of Scotch or S-:/:(;($@ in my pants.

Ronald: What is this smell?
Fred: S;$)))@@@, just stepped in it…:-(

Souvenir? Not really…

Planning a detour on the GPS

Taking a brake after 150 miles in dirt and dust

Setting up camp at the Cascade Locks next to the Columbia river in Oregon

Life is good!

Man, did we had a great day of riding

Setting up the tents, applied bug spray, got the fire wood and a couple cold ones, life is good..

And after a day of hard riding it is good to cuddle up and have some alone time in the hot tub……aaahhh

And of all, these are our camp neighbors, 55 guys from all over the world in some sort of peddle rockets riding from coast to coast ( for fun!!)

Currently there 31 k miles on the bike and the final drive oil was changed for around 28 k, I added probably to much oil, 230 ml instead of the new recommended 180 ml causing it to leak at a warm day off road.

The original leaking seal

To start we have to drain the oil first, to do this you have take the speed sensor out first as well loosing the cable for the speed sensor. Note the o-ring and lock ring on the sensor. The lock ring can be re-used and o-ring should be replaced.

The new shaft seal and o- rings for the fill and drain purchased at the BMW dealer for $25

Drain the oil

The oil is still very clean

The drain plug is magnetic and will collect any metal particles in the oil, make sure to clean it before it is placed back and with a new o-ring

Remove the cover ring with a small screw driver and clean it.

Take the lock ring out carefully with a small screw driver

I drilled 2 small holes and used 2 wood screws to pull the shaft seal with a claw hammer and a piece of wood. The below pictures show the drill and drill bit used to give an idea of the depth to drill and place the screws, approx 1/8″

Here it shows the seal being removed.

Clean the drive area with a cloth

Save the old seal as it will be used to tap in the new seal

Add some gear grease to the shaft, just minimal to allow for a smooth fit

Installing the new seal with a small piece of wood, hammer and old seal as a guide. Tap the seal all the way in untill the space is clear for the lock ring

Place the lock ring back, wait with the cover until the oil has been added.

Place the drain plug with a new o- ring.

Clean the speed sensor and add a new o-ring, the lock ring will be re-used.

Apply a cloth to avoid spilling and apply “very slowly” the new oil as it can take up to 10 minutes without spilling.
Add 180 ml of the SAE 75W-90 oil with a syringe of 60 ml and a small tube. And take your time…..

Don’t forget to lock the sensor and sensor cable again.

On sunday 7/24 we, the “gang” got all together at “Casa Wiel” to put the new “Heidi’s” on.

Here is Fred’s ’07 Beemer R1200GS Adventure and it the background Ronald’s ’09 KTM990 Adventure (The Orange thing)

This is Wiel’s ’08 Beemer R1200GS Adventure

Custom made Beet breaker, didn’t last to long though, requires some re-engineering….

This is Jesper’s ’08 Beemer R1200GS Adventure, he is kinda lost and thinking what the Hell I’m looking at? That’s why he is probably showing his back only 🙂

The Heidi’s enjoying a nice sun tan and are warming up nicely

You have to make sure to wear socks, just to avoid damaging the tires…

A day off road riding during winter time at the Middle Fork road in North Bend, WA

Ronald on the KTM 990 Adv and me on the R1200GS Adv.

Snow was still at a very low elevation and didn’t get us very far.

Knobbie tires are there for a reason 🙂


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