Again no good connection for the last 2 days, but trying to get something out now sitting at a campfire at Muley Point in Utah with some Scotchs..

On Wednesday we had to work our way around after a local County Sherrif was very optimistic that we would get around a wash out. Well we did it..

Little John

We spent the night in Flagstaff in a cheap motel, $200 total for 4 rooms, not bad, streaming water along the walls. We had a drink at “Bun huggers” after being cold and wet. Pizza and beer for dinner.

We needed an extra table for our gear at the Pizza place.

We woke up yesterday in Flagstaff with all bikes covered in snow, fortunattely it warmed up relative fast and we got all going around 8am. We had breakfast at A local diner before we head the roadagain towards Winowa for the next section.

We went North towards the Sunset Vulcano area, where the road surfaces exist from fine vulcano pumice sand like. Really challenging to get thru, but just in first gear and keeping the “refs “up.

Tom in his element.

Eric’s rear shock unfortunately broke and had to leave the group to get repairs done.

JJ from “Lost for a reason” left aswell and went home, back to work, both great riders and a pleasure to have withusfor the week.

We crossed Hwy 89 into Antelope Hill area towards the Grand Canyon overlook area.

We ended up camping in the Indian reservation “Little Colorade overlook” far away from normal live.

Absolutely the high light of our trip, just before sunset we arrived and setup camp at the rim of the canyon. We had to make sure that nobody would start sleep walking.

Wiel and Ronald at the Grand. Canyonoverlook.

Today we left the AZBDR towards Monument Valley in Utah and Mexican Hat. Another great experine and super scenic ride. We stopped for lunch in a the middleof it it. Cooked some shrimp noodles. Perfect meal.

Jim overlooking the Johns Glen Canyon at the San Juan river we rode thru today.
We setup camp at the Muley point look out point. Tomorrow we will go thru the valley of the gods.

Again, life is good, later….