We left the Grand Hotel in Tombstone at 7am this morning, filled up gas and got the neede liquids to get thru the day.

We headed south towardsh the Mexican border via Palominas, and from there to the Coronada National memorial, we started right climbing up the first trail to the Montezuma pass.

Took the needed pictures and followed the Mexican border for a few miles, to start heading North towards Sonita.

Our team, we are now 8, John, Jesper, Jim, Wiel, Ronald, Tom, Eric and JJ.
No need for restrooms..
Wiel and John

We decided after we filled up in Sonoita to take the deep sand route just for the challenge, well we learned a few things today with that. It was very challenging on the big bikes to manouver thru the sand,

Jim and Eric coming up a hill.

Jim and Eric
John went left were he was supposed to keep straight.

After the deep sand area things went a little umplanned and the group spilitted up, Jesper, John, Wiel, JJ and Jim went into an area with no return, we dropped the bikes several times and had to work our way around to get out there again, it took us about 4 hours to get out there back on Hwy 10 towards Benson to meet the rest of the group who had settled at the local KOA campground with the needed refreshments and food.

Summray of pictures below. We all lost a few pounds today from all the hard work and swetting.

Oops, killed a cactus..

Jim and Jesper

We had some serious challenges to overcome today, steep decents and extremely rocky.

Jim was done..

All in all, a good day again and a good start of more to come.

Life is good…later