We got up in freezing temperatures at 28 Degrees, really, really cold, took us a few minutes to warm up under the camp shower.

The las beer we managed not to drink got solid frozen.

Getting moving under these cold conditions is a challenege, especialy if you camp in a single size persontent, even the zipper was frozen.

Got the coffee going

Ice on the bikes…

Crossing one of the high elevation passes in South Utah towardsg the Arizon border at 700 ft elevation.

Self portrett with Mount thingemizinngy in the background..

A man has to go when he has to go….

Nice view on Hwy Alt 89 towards Arizona.

Heading further south on Hwy 89 Alt give us some great scenieries.

Today was one of the hottest and longest day of riding, the further South we went, the higher the ambient temperatures we got. We were riding in 100 degrees plus, absolute no cooling. My front tire was getting to an end and it is good we get new fresh rubber on tomorrow in Scotssdale.

Note the cupping on the front..

We met at Katleens’s place, got the cold ones going and dinner was served, really a nice get to together and well apprecitaed. Nice pool as well to cool down.

Eric changed his rear tire and we provided the needed comments.

Ronald got a special sun burn treatment.

Tomorrow change tires at Goaz, life is good…..later