Hello readers,

Last night we ended up in Jackpot, Nevada where we spend the night at a local RV park, one of the best showers in the state, high pressure and actual warm. we killed a few of beers before we retired for the night.

It got a little chilly during the night at the high elevation and close to freezing temperatures. ronald’s tent froze up a little. Seen at above picture.

Jesper was still cold this morning (after he wet his sheet, was laying on his camel pack what started leaking)

Kickstands up at 6.30 or 7.30 after we figured out we actually changed time zones from Pacific to Mountain time.

Morning view from our campground in Jackpot.

We started heading south on Hwy 93 towards Ely and had the most expensive breakfast in the world, we paid $65 for eggs, patties and coffee, included 50 cent Dutch cheap tip in a local truck stop at Wells.

Took some nice shots along Hwy 93 what took forever to get by. especcially ridingatthishigh elevation around 40 Degrees and below.

Here is a view of the cockpit with all the navigation equipment on board for getting along and charging our communication toys.

We got stopped at a little road constructions, got Ronald a change to add some fuel (running low already and no gas station in sight)

Jesper had read about a place called “Baker”, so we went there, and left again, what the hell. In the middle of Fukawie, no idea why..maybeinteresting after market sales..

We did some nice scenic routes towards Utah.

Life is good….

We decided to drive another 100 Mls or so along Hwy 21 crossing a few passes at higher elevations, ending up in a place called “Hatch” where we set up camp at the local river side RV park, got the needed supplies, steakes, aspergus and big patatoes. A few cold ones and Scotch for desert.

The view from the campspot is absolute great.

The dead ones…

Groups picture..

Feeding the fish..(not allowed by camp rules, what was forgotten after the 4th or 5th..)

Good night under the starsat 7000 ft Elevation, it is going to be a cold one again.

The moon and stars., life is good….later