Hello All,

We had to adjust our plans and needed to get out of Utah because of the weather conditions, snow rain and cold. We pushed about 450 miles yesterday on the Freeway heading North towards Twin Falls in Idaho.

We spent the night in a local motel and went out for a bite and a drink. The local Taxi driver made sure we got around. The rooms were interesting and we didn’t know what the square box in the corner was. First we thought it was a new type microwave, turned out to be a TV! We didn’t turn it on as we were afraid it was going to explode.

We are heading home, perhaps a few more trails in Oregon and Washington, but we are slowly getting tired. We had an absolute great experience, epic rides and no flat tires.

Thanks for reading my blog and the friendly replies from everybody.

Life is good, …looking forward to see my 3 girls again.