Saturday morning we woke up around sunrise at Muley point with a spectecular view of the valley below us where we had spent the night under the stars. We made coffee and cleared up our camp spot.

Jim got up early towatch the sunrise. ( me too to take the picture)

We tracked back a few miles down the Moki Dugway with some significant switchbacks on gravel towards Mexican Hat to get fuel and water for the next section.

Ronald, John and Jim


We stopped at the Mexican Hat for a good look of the Rock with the hat on top, we concluded that the Mexicans invented the first high rising crane. Jesper tried the Hat himself.


Wiel and Ronald couldn’t find the Hat.

John desided to hit back North towards his truck in Salina after he insured his knee the day before. The guys give hime some advice and said there goodbye’s.

John is in there somewhere as well.

After we got fuel we headed with the five of us towards the Valley of the Gods, absolutely a special experience and a must see in your life. See the pictures below.

What’s the direction?
Yellow Jacket

At the end of the Valley we headed backup the rim further North towards the Natural Bridges monuments.

Jim and Tom decided to leave the group as well and catch up with John heading back home. Wiel, Ronald and Jesper went to pick up the first section of the Utah Back country discovery route ( UTBDR ) from there, we headed towards “Bears Ears” and merged with Elk mountain road. It turned out to beanother great offroad experience at higher elevations and started slowly climbing towards 10000 Ft elevation. We did got stopped by snow unfortunately and had to track back for several miles bringing us back into Blanding where we spent the night in a cheap Motel 6 as there was serious weather coming up, forcast for Utah East and central, snow and rain, not really the prefered circumstances on a motorcycle.

When Ronald walked up the hill to make sure we really shouldn’t try to work our way thru 3 ft of snow, Jesper enjoyed a little Scotch.

We got up early as ussual and the weather forcast was getting worse for Utah, we decided to go West towards Fry Canyon and the Red Rock Plateau. Big grey clouds were on the horizon and it didn’t look pretty. We managed however to remain dry for the first 2 hours into the riding via Hwy 95 towards Lake Powell thru Glen Canyon headed south on Hwy 276 towards Bullfrog for Lunch. This is where the first rain got to us and we got pretty soaked into Bullfrog.

Hwy 95

We past Hite and the bridge crossing the Dirty Devil river.

Lake Powell.

After Lunch we decided to hit the Butt Trail along the Capitol reef what was partly gravel, sand and…..mud, mud it was for the next 20 miles. But…we did it, turned out to be the most spectecular ride of the week, besides the rain and the cold, it was absolutely a great experience. See pics below.

Deflating the tires as it got a little to squirly on the mud and gravel.

Epic switch backs climbing 800 Feet in know time at 34 degrees Fahrenheit

We stopped in Boulder at a little mini market, the only store in town and decided to keep going towards Escalante. In Escalante we decided togo further via Tropic towards Bryce Canyon, absolutely beautiful riding and great scenery. Going over the pass got a little iffy as we got in the middle of a snow blizzard. (We kinda knew what was comming as the snow plow just came down the hill with fresh snowon his scoop)

We ended up in Panguitch, had Ribeye for dinner with a few Pale Ales and bed down in a local motel (double suite with 2 rooms and free internet for $68) can’t beat that with triple AAA discount.

Today we did 300 miles, absolutely great experience and probably my all time favorite route. Tomorrow, weather pending towards Nevada or further North.

Life is good,…later.