Leaving Seattle Area, early morning May 1st, 2014. Ronald, Wiel and Jesper (on his spanking new watercooled 2014 R1200GSAdventure).

Tom, Jim and John will truck down towards SLC or South from there! We will catch up again at some point. Eric will meet us in Scottsdale AZ on Saturday evening at his Sisters place were have shipped our new knobbie tires.

The distance to Scottsdale is about 1500 Miles and we plan to do 600 or so a day…in Scottsdale we will change tires at GOAZ motorcycles and then head down to Tombstone, AZ on Sunday afternoon. Sunday afternoon we will check out the “OK Corral Saloon, famous for its historical gunfight in the 1800’s”

Today we got as far as Jackpot in Nevada, we drove 650 miles. Little sadlle pain.

Picked up some supplies at the local store..

Set up camp

En cook dinner

Looks like it is going to be a cold night, we are at 5500 Ft elevation. Tomorrow morning kickstands up at sunrise, afetr that south towards Arzino, possible crossing into Utah for a while.
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Life is good, …..later