Ronald, Wiel and Jim met at the Edmonds ferry in the morning of December 26th to take a ride around Hood Canal. Weather was dry and around 38 degrees, although Jim was a little late, he managed to board the ferry after all the cars were loaded.

Ronald on the 990 KTM, me and Jim on the RT's

Scary looking in the the little village of “Fukawie” Bold, Farmer Joe and bearded

Nice view from the Bremerton ferry approaching Seattle

We drove on the east side of Hood Canal true Holly and Tahuya and then around the Canal towards Belfair. Jim decided to go home from Belfair via the Bremerton Ferry. Ronald and me continued via Union to Matlock around the Canal and further south via Raymond to Willapa Bay, crossing the Columbia river into Astoria, filled up gas and then ended up in Canon Beach were we spent the night at a little beach cottage. Not the exact planned route, but a nice diversion as the weather was still ok.

Real fill up!


Cottage #2 in Canon Beach

Great view at Arch Cape, south from Canon Beach on Hwy 101

The Beemer had trouble starting after this stop, managed to roll down hill and jump started the bike.

After this we were trying to find. Location who would sell us a new battery. We called around and ended up riding back over Nehalem (53) back North to Warrenton to the KTM dealer who was sure to have a replacement battery. (not!!) the bad news, the good news, the bike started fine since, possible scared away by the KTM Dealer.

We ended up heading back to Astoria, had one of the best “Eggs Benedict” for breakfast (lunch time) and made our way further North, for the most as per the planned route. After a short stop at BMW Fife, we were home around 6pm. Good ride for a winter time, putting in about 450 miles.