Wednesday, August 4th, we started the day again at the Local Starbucks in Leavenworth with coffee and egg sandwiches. filled up fuel and the necessary fluids and snacks. we knew it was going to be dusty and warm today.

We left towards Cashmere were we started to go up hill towards Chumstick mountain and Roaring Ridge. in a little town Ardenvoir, at the local store “The greasy Spoon” we had lunch.

From there we went up Boldy Mountain towards Windy Camp over the Slide Ridge at 7000 foot elevation., again great sceneries, bugs and dust 🙂

After our descent towards Lake Chelan we had to go thru the so called “Jungle” to reach Twenty five mile creek. we ended up in Manson at a friends place were we spent the night at his deck with a great view of Lake Chelan.

We had steaks, spicy beans, sufficient cold ones and a good Scotch.

Again, life is good……later….

Rgds Wiel,

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KOA Campground in Leavenworth