Sunday we started with a quick breakfast accross the campground in Packwood.
We had a scenic day trip planned around Mount Rainier, via forest road 52 up to the national park entrance and from there up to Paradise, and then around to the east side to ride up to Sunrise at more than 6000 foot elevation.

We managed to get a group discount at the park entrance, $5 each instead of the typical $15 (vehicle and driver) After all we are Dutch and always look for a discount..

The goal fort the day was to be at Arnoud and Kathy’s wedding around 2 pm, where our families were going to meet us as well, we arrived a little late because of campground issues, but it turned out to be a great party.

Monday, we had breakfast at a Starbucks in Enumclaw.
We had to drive approx 75 miles over Hwy 410 to get to an intersection at Nile. The plan was to drive the alternate route over Devils canyon first North to South and pick up the route #2 at the intersection at Bethel Ridge to go back up North again at the difficult section. Turned out to become an interesting πŸ™‚ day.

Riding the Big Bikes thru mud, sand and rocks became a heavy task, even the most experienced rider had his share with a close look at the rocks πŸ™‚

Wietze showed unexpected riding skills and made it thru very well.

Cleman mountain was a great experience riding al the way over the top of the ridge after that down again into Evans canyon to the valley over another rocky road.

We ended up at the campground in Ellensburg.


1 bag of ice for Fred’s foot as it was a little swolen.

Jesper went to Urgent Care to take a look at his thumb and arm, turned out to be blood poison,
nothing major. He had to convince the doctor to let him go though and check in again today. Jesper had the solution already in his head; some drugs and a couple cold ones would solve the issue.

Wiel and Wietze got supplies in Ellensburg for the fire pit, baked potatoes, sausages, rolls and salad, oh and plenty cold ones….

Wietze made a campfire and started cooking, he was wondering why the sausages didn’t get done! (for that you have to remove the plastic first, 20 pcs only πŸ™‚ )

So far, life is good…, on the road again.