We, Wiel, Ronald, Fred, Jesper (Danish for Jasper) met this morning at 7 am at the Starbucks in Renton, Jesper 2 minutes late, but quickly forgiven, made him pay for dinner today 🙂

We than drove South towards Morton where we fueled up, got some snack bars and robbed the ATM machine for the needed cash.

PPPPPP Perfect Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance

Road Closed signs can be ignored as they have no value for us. WADOT put these signs up just for fun.

Where did Fred go?


Guys, I almost lost it here, I had to take a shot of Scotch or S-:/:(;($@ in my pants.

Ronald: What is this smell?
Fred: S;$)))@@@, just stepped in it…:-(

Souvenir? Not really…

Planning a detour on the GPS

Taking a brake after 150 miles in dirt and dust

Setting up camp at the Cascade Locks next to the Columbia river in Oregon

Life is good!

Man, did we had a great day of riding

Setting up the tents, applied bug spray, got the fire wood and a couple cold ones, life is good..

And after a day of hard riding it is good to cuddle up and have some alone time in the hot tub……aaahhh

And of all, these are our camp neighbors, 55 guys from all over the world in some sort of peddle rockets riding from coast to coast ( for fun!!)