Distance mi





Start to Sonoita




4445 ft

4289 ft


Sonoita to Benson




2123 ft

2962 ft


Easy Alt to avoid Sand




720 ft

1141 ft


Benson to Mammoth




1353 ft

3022 ft


Mammoth to Globe







Globe to Young




7984 ft

6424 ft


Easier to Young




1393 ft

1371 ft


Young to Winona (Flagstaff)




7962 ft

6830 ft


Harder Route bypass




367 ft

445 ft


Winona to Cameron




5536 ft

7365 ft


Out to Grand Canyon to Cameron




2240 ft

4774 ft


Garnd Canyon back to route




604 ft

37 ft

AZ8 Cameron to Marble Canyon Blue 106 442 3630 ft 4271 ft
AZ8ALT Out to little Colo Overlook Magenta 5.8 121 560 ft 34 ft
AZ9 Marble Canyon to Utah Border Green 46.9 412 2855 ft 1447 ft
Β  Utah Border to UT Hwy 89 Yellow 9.8 280 763 ft 916 ft

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AZ1 Start to Sonoita AZ2 Sonoita to Benson AZ2ALT Easy Alt to avoid Sand AZ3 Benson to Mammoth AZ4 Mammoth to Globe AZ5ALT Easier to Young AZ5 Globe to Young AZ6 Young to Winona (Flagstaff) AZ^ALT Harder Route bypass AZ7 Winona to Cameron AZ7ALT Out to Grand Canyon to Cameron AZ7ALT2 Grand C. back to Route AZ8 Cameron to Marble Canyon AZ8ALT Out to Little Colo Overlook AZ9 Marble Canyon to Utah Border Utah Border to UT Hwy 89


Wiel Penders

BMW R1200 GSAdventure

Ronald Van Tol, KTM 990 Adventure

Jim Decker, KTM 950 Adventure

John Fouch, BMW F 650 GS Dakar

Jesper Dahl “Tent-Pluug”

BMW R 1200 GSAdventure

Tom Whalen, KTM 950 Adventure

Hells Canyon Overlook 2008


Continental Divide Ride 2009

Eric HallΒ BMW R 1200 GSAdventure


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Wiel Penders, BMW R1200GSAImage

Ronald, Wiel and Jim met at the Edmonds ferry in the morning of December 26th to take a ride around Hood Canal. Weather was dry and around 38 degrees, although Jim was a little late, he managed to board the ferry after all the cars were loaded.

Ronald on the 990 KTM, me and Jim on the RT's

Scary looking in the the little village of “Fukawie” Bold, Farmer Joe and bearded

Nice view from the Bremerton ferry approaching Seattle

We drove on the east side of Hood Canal true Holly and Tahuya and then around the Canal towards Belfair. Jim decided to go home from Belfair via the Bremerton Ferry. Ronald and me continued via Union to Matlock around the Canal and further south via Raymond to Willapa Bay, crossing the Columbia river into Astoria, filled up gas and then ended up in Canon Beach were we spent the night at a little beach cottage. Not the exact planned route, but a nice diversion as the weather was still ok.

Real fill up!


Cottage #2 in Canon Beach

Great view at Arch Cape, south from Canon Beach on Hwy 101

The Beemer had trouble starting after this stop, managed to roll down hill and jump started the bike.

After this we were trying to find. Location who would sell us a new battery. We called around and ended up riding back over Nehalem (53) back North to Warrenton to the KTM dealer who was sure to have a replacement battery. (not!!) the bad news, the good news, the bike started fine since, possible scared away by the KTM Dealer.

We ended up heading back to Astoria, had one of the best “Eggs Benedict” for breakfast (lunch time) and made our way further North, for the most as per the planned route. After a short stop at BMW Fife, we were home around 6pm. Good ride for a winter time, putting in about 450 miles.


The last day of our journey…:-(
Sorry for no update yesterday, but we were camping in the middle of &@&;; nowhere, a place called Conconully, between here and there…and wifi, what the hell…

Wednesday, we spent the night at Bart and Jay’s place with a great overlook of Lake Chelan.
Sleeping outside on the deck or on the lawn in the open air, just great.

Yesterday we left from Manson after a great breakfast at the Blueberryhill Restaurant in Manson.
Heading towards the Echo Valley Ski area to start climbing up the Cooper mountain, we then crossed the Parrish Peak at 5500 feet and further up hill towards Fox Peak.

We connected with forrest road 600 Towards Benson creek road. At the end of the road we took a refreshing dive in a cold river and then our good friend Mike from Twisp was waiting for us on his little Yamaha 250 to lead us for a couple mile towards Moody mountain. Mike realised already very fast that the big bikes were probably a little to big for him πŸ™‚

We drove further up North crossing the Loop Loop Canyon towards Ruby Hill. Had a couple surprises in the middle of the road, crossing a few flotted areas.

We arrived in Conconully where we staid a at great campground at the Lake. We got the needed cold ones, rented a little party cruiser and went for a little boat ride.
Men was that great, we had a couple laughs for sure, cruising this great lake with this delicated group and associated comments, enough said πŸ™‚

In the morning we left for the Lone Frank pass, but washed away… of the forrest workers gave us some great tips and made us divert and drive a great work around towards Loomis, another little town in the middle of nowhere.

We picked up the trail again from Loomis towards the spot were the Geocache was supposed to be hidden at 6200 feet, a waypoint and goal on this long trip. This was an idea by Touratech and it took a couple guys with GPS and maps, but we did find it finally in the forest and put a litle note in the plastic box with our names.

After that it was basically finalizing the trip towards the Canadian border at Nighthawk where we had a little encounter with Officer “Potter” who thought it was necessary to stand on his his stripes. Anyway we (read Jesper, gave him the finger and we left πŸ™‚ )

Sofar the Status of the trip:

—Drop the bikes

Wiel: 0
Ronald: 1
Jesper: 1
Fred: 3
Wietze: we stopped counting

— Damage
Wiel: None
Jesper: None
Wietze: scrathes, blinker
Ronald: pannier, blinker
Fred: Fog light

Clearly, the winner is……the writer of this blog πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

All in all, not bad for what we went thru!

We had a great ride, seen a lot and got much more experienced on riding big bikes thru the elements.

Thanks for the great support from the readers and feedback, this is the last blog for this trip. On the road again traveling home seeing my girls,……for now life is good and later….

Rgds Wiel,

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Got us a bad stomach after all...


Wednesday, August 4th, we started the day again at the Local Starbucks in Leavenworth with coffee and egg sandwiches. filled up fuel and the necessary fluids and snacks. we knew it was going to be dusty and warm today.

We left towards Cashmere were we started to go up hill towards Chumstick mountain and Roaring Ridge. in a little town Ardenvoir, at the local store “The greasy Spoon” we had lunch.

From there we went up Boldy Mountain towards Windy Camp over the Slide Ridge at 7000 foot elevation., again great sceneries, bugs and dust πŸ™‚

After our descent towards Lake Chelan we had to go thru the so called “Jungle” to reach Twenty five mile creek. we ended up in Manson at a friends place were we spent the night at his deck with a great view of Lake Chelan.

We had steaks, spicy beans, sufficient cold ones and a good Scotch.

Again, life is good……later….

Rgds Wiel,

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KOA Campground in Leavenworth

Tuesday, August 2nd, Ronald, Wietze and Jesper went first back to see a Doctor in Ellensburg and after that they did the 2nd difficult part of the leg 2 what was skipped the day before.

Fred and myself remained at the campsite in Ellensburg to take it easy and I could update my blog.

The guys returned around 1pm, and after a quick lunch and getting fuel we left for the 3rd section, to Casmere, starting at the Reecer Creek road up to the Table mountain. The road was very twistie and in the beginning several cows crossed our path.

It became a very technical riding day as the roads were washed away and deep holes to cross.
Probably the most favorate parts sofar. The views were unbelievable.

At the end of the trail we had to do large detour as the road 7100 was “gone” and closed for “traffic” We had to descent back in to Wenatchee and got stuck in Rush hour traffic at a 100 degrees F.

Not good in full gear and a helmet on your head. We picked up a precription for Jesper’s thumb at the local pharmacy and headed for Leavenworth KOA campground.

We took a taxi to Leavenworth since Fred’s foot is still in pain.
We had Hearing, Schnitzels and Schweine Ackse for dinner flushed down with a couple German beers.

Life is good, on the road again towards Manson….later……

Rgds Wiel,

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